Saturday, May 24, 2008

a light in the attic

It's 7am, and we're both still wide awake because we drank our combined body weight in yerba mate last night while recording music. We wanted to go to sleep, but the strange bug named Ayule that lives in the attic with us insisted that we press on. He's highly critical, a bit too critical for a bug if you ask me. Nevertheless, we're debating whether or not to make Ayule a member of our band. He seems dedicated to the music, and his influence is being felt more and more every day. We don't have a camera, so this cell phone picture of Ayule will have to do for now, unflattering as it may be.
The attic we live in is quite the place, I wish you all could see it. In fact, we're going to have a new friend of ours help us take a few pictures of us while we crawl around on the floor and mess with all of the doo-dads we've brought up here with us to record- You might even get to meet Ayule!
Oh yeah, did I mention that the reason we're in the attic recording is because we're going to release a collection of homemade songs? Well that's what we're doin, sure as heck! And we're mighty excited about it. We'll be writing regularly about the experience and hopefully have some photos real soon. We also have some shows and a west coast tour happening in june. The dates are all getting filled in and are poppin' up on our myspace music profile every ten seconds, or am I just saying that so our internet profile gets tons of visits and we can start selling ads on our page to Marlboro and Applebees? You decide.

John, Aaron, and Ayule

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Abbie said...

ayule needs his own myspace. or theme song.