Monday, June 16, 2008


we played our first show of our west coast tour last night in seattle.
seattle is great- hung out with my brother, and met up with a bunch of pals. excellent!
we're playing a string of dates with a group called idiot pilot. they're a pretty rockin band so, we get to play to a different crowd than usual which is pretty fun!

speaking of rockin- we just got the new portishead record and its amazing! we're fully juiced on yerba mate playing it so loud in the van right now- (you see, i've got these delicate earpedals and i usually cant listen at top awesome, but this record fully warrants it.) this song ;machine gun' is so VHS. awesome- check it oot.

much more to say later, must hang out with friends. passing this off to one of the other boyzzzz.

i've been meaning to tell a story that happened the other night, and now that i have the time, i just have to get it off my chest......
our friends Russian Circles were in town and we went to see their show. for those who don't know of them, they're a very epic instrumental metal band who have no problem filling the room with Loud. In the middle of the Loud, i noticed a man probably in his late thirties with long grey wizard hair and a long-yet-tasteful grey goatee/soul patch, calmly reading a book with his legs crossed! So I says to him, i says "What on earth could you possibly be reading?" He says to me, he says "It's a mystery!"
"A mystery?!" I ask/exclaim.
"Yes, a mystery." He was getting nervous.
"Can I see what it's called?" He had hid the book at this point, and he pulled it out, showed it to me quickly, then put it away. "The Monster Squad" he says.
"Is this the best atmosphere to read The Monster Squad?"
Then he said the best thing he could have said as a late thirties professor-type at a metal show- "I find the music to be soooooothing."
Nuff said? I think so.


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Abbie said...

reading books during a russian circles show, ha i love him.