Friday, June 13, 2008

james, jonathon, join jorces. + tour begins today

Recently, we've been having a lot of people ask questions like "I get nervous when I get around your drummer and I forget what to say, is that normal?" and "your bass player is dreamy, but he's definitely out of my league. What should I do?" Well, dear reader, we'll introduce you to them and you can see if you hit it off....
You see, our extremely talented friends James and Jonathan have been playing with us since we moved to Portland, and boy has it been fun! James, who is a sensitive and understanding Taurus and a fantastic visual artist, is playing percussion n' things and singing with us. We met him in California but had no idea we'd meet back up in Portland. Jonathan, a sprightly young Aquarius (I think) and multi-instrumentalist, is playing bass n' things and singing. We met him in California too... eerie! They were the first people to offer us a floor to sleep on when we got here, and then, serendipity-do-da, they started playing shows with us and it was a blast. Now we're going on tour together and we couldn't be more excited.
We're playing in Salem, OR tonight and we'll be making our way around the Wild West over the next couple of weeks. Yip Yip Yoo!

John and Aaron

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