Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Slyd & Clime

TWO WORDS: RENO, NEVADA. Who wouldda thunk that a town which is known to the world as one which contains the most inept police force that which is could be so awesome is?

The inhabiting humans brought their hospitality with a massive abundance. However this didn't come without trial and error (mostly error)!

We left Portland on June 16th around 9:00 o'clock, and our original intention was to crash at a cheap motel that John's dad comped for us in Medford, OR. We figured if we knocked some driving out of the way prior to the Reno show, we'd avoid losing insurmountable amounts of sleep and having to be rushed. Two hours into the drive, though, we realized that we left an incredibly important bag full of electronic goodies at the house in Portland.

Five minutes before this realization, our conversation went as follows: "Dude what if we forgot something? There's no way we'd turn around, that'd be such a bummer."

Wakka wakka wakka!

We then drove two hours back to Portland, picked up our abandoned utensils and made the trip back to Medford. We didn't arrive until 7 o'clock in the morning, and our check out was at 12, so we were all proprietors of

Our nap was short lived and was immediately followed with a 5 hour car drive to Reno, Nevada. On top of our bodies and minds being drenched in the fog of a sleepless confusion we were pretty unsure about what a show in Reno, Nevada would even be like. There was a point in my life where I imagined Reno to be completely void of any music scene.

Oh boy oberto was I wrong!

The show went awesomely awesomely well and we made a ton of new friends. It surpassed our expectations 10,000 fold and I feel proper in saying that we all can't wait to return again.

A fantastic lady (and fantastic friend of mine) by the name of Alyse helped us get this ridiculous hotel room in a nearby casino for absolutely free! I'm talkin' flat screen TV in the bathroom, huge king size beds, spa-bath, walk in double-headed shower, etc. We are forever in debt to her kindness!

Right now we're on the road to San Francisco, where we'll be playing at Bottom Of The Hill. Not too long ago we made a stop in a town called Truckee, and literally 200 yards away was the spot where the Donner Party had quite a peculiar feast. And our homies Idiot Pilot just zoomed past us! Race to the bay! Vamos vamos!

Love love love,
Jonathan M

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