Tuesday, July 29, 2008

we're back in the third dimension- aka back from teaching rock n roll camp in seattle. it was craaaaazy! john will have more on that later. 
right now i'm stoke city, usa 'cause we just got a sneak peak at our album artwork. 
i couldnt' be happier.   
we're working with our new friend aidan koch.  she's definitely one of my favorite new artists, and she's from right here in portland!  squeee-103!

speaking of aidan, there was this kid named aidan frye in gradeschool that rode the same bus as my brother ryan and i.  he was totally bad to the bone.  ryan and aidain used to get in fights on the bus and aidan would always scratch ryan's face real bad.   i'm pretty sure he's got some scars from that...aidan looked like scut farkus from a christmas story.

we just played pdx pop now-  it was number one-fun fun fun!!!!
we literally drove straight from 2D camp to portland, rehearsed our set once, headed over to rotture, set up and played.  it was a crazy day but it was aaaawesome!
here's some pics n stuff.

i look super mad, but i'm just meanin it! aka gettin 2008. i got that flower ring from one of my students at the camp, she was way sweet and sang real perdy.

all of us




Abbie said...

i want to be a rock n roll camper. teach me to make music that sounds good, ill do your algebra or calculus homework as a trade.

Phil said...

just finished video shoot... how appropriate for the 2D world.

Aaron and J.P. are with me and say hey. Last concert soon.