Sunday, September 14, 2008

big happs in the big apps.

I'm so sticky from this brooklyn summer heat, I could probably climb walls if I wanted. But other than having to swim through the air to fetch a glass of water across the room, New York has been great to us, and so has the tour in general. After a day of walking the streets of brooklyn for the first time in my life and getting to see old friends in their new habitats, we ended up in a Foot Clan-like version of a warehouse skatepark party / punk show. Altough the Shredder was nowhere to be seen, his influence on the youth of New York was undeniable. Oour good friend geordy showed us a great time. We had some rooftop hanging out, some first hand experiences of concrete gentrification, mid-day park lounging, shitty late-night Mexican food and pastries, an emberrassing Moby run-in, chance run-ins with old friends, and some hands-down fun. The east coast has been awesome in general. Our new friend Sarah in Boston took real good care of us and made us feel at home, and I'm sure we've got more friends yet to be made.

We've played about six or seven shows with Maps & Atlases so far around the northeast. Being around them is great. They are awesome people, and absolutely great musicians. I haven't sat out for a single live show yet of theirs through the tour, and the more I watch them the more I fall in love with what they're doing. Aside from the somewhat lazy & genre-fying terms like "prog" or "mathy" that may be thrown their way, they are so much more, and I can't wait to see them do more and more awesome things with their music and traveling. They will be touring Europe with Foals in about a week and a half.

We are in D.C. tonight, and it's so hot that I might melt at any moment. The computer is burning a hole through my crotch so I must depart, with more updates soon. Until next time.

P.S. You can see photos from the last tour at my flickr page - - with photos from this tour to come soon. See ya!


Anonymous said...

hi, this is me being jealous.

Anonymous said...

i heard you guys rock.

and i don't mean i heard a rumor that you guys rock, i mean i heard it happen.