Saturday, September 13, 2008

it's beanawhile!

it's been a while since we've said anything on this blog, hasn't it?  we've been extremely busy finishing up our record, rehearsing, meeting great people, and in general being distracted by all of the great things in our lives. so distracted, in fact, that i'm now 10 years behind on sleep. james takes awesome photos all of the time, and i swear i'll put them here for anyone to see.  we have some from the last tour that i'll put up right now!
we're halfway through the pool party of a tour with maps and atlases! we've been wanting to tour with them since they were letting us sleep in their bathrooms last summer when we were homeless in their town of chicago, and now we're reunited!
we're in brooklyn right now, spending the day off on rooftops and walking around being real excited to be in such a big apple. you see, we're small town folk, and this is a real big apple to us. tomorrow we'll be in washington dc lobbying for big oil, and we're going to play a show too. here's the first installment of pictures... which are from the last tour. new ones to come!

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