Friday, October 24, 2008

mombie zansions & pooper sours.

Two crucial questions for every aspiring zombie fighter / super hero to ask one's self:

1) Would you enter a mansion and fight a bunch of flesh-eating zombies, solely for the sake of doing so?
If you were given the opportunity to choose a single basic super power, which you could greatly control and use for any purpose you see fit, what super power would you choose, and what would you do with it?

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nas chompas said...

PS Here are some ground rules to consider:

Zombie Fighting: You are bound inside the mansion until you kill the zombies or complete some puzzles hidden throughout the mansion rooms. You'd have a 9mm handgun and about 2 shots per zombie. Also, if there was an innocent person trapped inside, would it change your mind?

Super Powers: Any super power, no matter how powerful it may make you, does not necessarily protect anyone else, therefore, the well-being of others is always at risk. Also, the super power is very basic and not all-encompassing, i.e. being invincible doesn't mean super powerful and vice versa, and telekinesis doesn't coincide with mind-reading. Whudduya say?