Monday, April 27, 2009

rainy dream snackspeare

it's a wet one in portland today! a good day for snacking, if i do say so myself. the first 3 months of 2009 i was living with various friends for various times, and i survived almost solely on snacks, and when i moved into a new place recently, i still had snacks on the mind... so when my friends came over on a sunday afternoon, i made them a three-course snack feast! it turned out so well i decided to share it with whoever might also want to enjoy a (very cheap) 3 course snack. it's real cheap, and real good. here's a picture of it if you wanna eat it too. and a picture of the inside of my head.

also, aaron and i wore dreamy clothes today that our friends aidan and paul made. we turned into fantasy characters and walked around slowly with straight faces and wide eyes! aidan is a multitalented artistic powerhouse. i suggest you take a look at her stuff if you haven't already. i hope there are pictures of us wearing the fantasy costumes somewhere... i really don't know yet- i was in fantasy land. yeep!

i found a copy of shakespeare's henry IV while i was on a walk today and i'magonna read it starting tonight. i bet it's good. i betcha.

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