Wednesday, April 7, 2010

bad timing/my face got funny

my face got really infected over easter weekend. it was due to a botched root canal i had done a few years ago. apparently it's been infected this whole time, but the bacteria just won the battle and they're running amuck. looting stores, peeing off balconies, swearing at children.
i had to have my tooth pulled and my face is really big and swollen- both from the infection and the tooth being pulled out of my head.
sorry we had to cancel the spokane/minneapolis shows. i'm resting in bed trying to get better so we don't have to cancel anymore in the future.

this is normal me and me with infection- before i went to the dentist. at least it's kind of funny. i'm in good spirits, just can't sing for a couple days. wish me well. hopefully you will see normal me real soon!

the people have spoken, toothpain!


Abbie said...

awwwz get better pumpkin bear.

Princess Chelsea said...