Wednesday, April 6, 2011

gary's in the attic with me

when we lived in san diego around the millenium gary wilson did too. and he was playing weird ass shows throwing powder on dolls and losing his mind singing his basement creep-outs from the 70s and making me stoked. gary, if you're reading this, i wanna make a song with you real bad.

Friday, February 25, 2011

oops the record is almost done

the record is nearing finish and it's sounding oily! few more things to do, and then we'll have more news about it. we're stoked.
for now, portland is colder than it should be, so i'm listening to this jam to keep me warm.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

herms vanity fair

super into all of ians new paintings! the explanations are crucial as well.

"Recent depiction of multi-cultural golden globe-nomination inspired Herms. They are gathering around backstage in the dressing room. They are getting ready for the big broadway show. The black clouds seeping through the vents in the ceiling, billowing black seaman into the Herms vanity fair dresser droors. It looks like nasty black oil, all over their hands, dipping them in and again, Dairy Queen style. Loving those apple dippers.. gettin’ em real sticky. Everyone was enjoying their wine, it was a belligerent night, stressed and loney, some were moody and envious of others beauty, and gritters of course. Everyone kept powdering and applying aveda institute inspired face creme. This can been seen by the black herms face turned filthy peach colored in the left vanity, as her secret admiror gazes into her eyes, getting teary and emotional, easily noticed by her drippy blue eye shadow."

3voor12 baptism performance

we played an awesome festival on an island in the netherlands called 'into the great wide open festival'. we took a roily ferry ride to the island and when we arrived we were greeted by a DJ and 6 people in purple onesies doing the macarena. super weird. we hurried over to this pond and did a couple songs before our set. the second one is a new song that we've been playing called extra fast.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

holland un-sleep fun!

it's sunrise here in holland, and i can't sleep a wink, so here i am on the www! we're staying with our friend/booking agent/tour manager/awesome fella Bob, and trying to get back in the correct headspace after the flight. turns out we're all super sensitive to jetlag, and it's been a real emotional whirlwind since we landed. yahooooooooo!
the city we're staying in is beautiful- 20 mins outside amsterdam, 1000 year old buildings, canals and bikes with interesting/beautiful people ridin em everywhere. this city has managed to make bikes by far the most popular way of getting around, and i think everyone in holland has like 2.2 bikes (maybe an official number?). all you chunks in portland would be super psyched on the bike use, but maybe not so much on the bikes. all are old rusty cruisers- which i think are rad!- but some of you more bike nerdy oiloids might have the urge to fix all 500,000 bikes up, and it might drive you nuts.
we played a show with the tallest man on earth last night. it's real great to hang out with kristian again, and he tugged on everyone watching's heartstrings as usual. tomorrow (today?) we take a ferry to an island where no cars are allowed and play a festival! if i wasn't so durned sleepy, i'd click my heels.
maybe next post i'll be fluent in dutch.