Friday, October 24, 2008

mombie zansions & pooper sours.

Two crucial questions for every aspiring zombie fighter / super hero to ask one's self:

1) Would you enter a mansion and fight a bunch of flesh-eating zombies, solely for the sake of doing so?
If you were given the opportunity to choose a single basic super power, which you could greatly control and use for any purpose you see fit, what super power would you choose, and what would you do with it?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

sleepy rainy brain stew.

Tour is over, and we are home . . . sleepy & rainy home! Lately I've been fearing that I've slowly been transforming into a zombie on our big adventure. Maybe its our obsession over the end of the world & zombie-ism, two constantly recurring themes in the van, but I feel that my fears are possibly being slightly validated. I've had a hard time walking faster than an average of two feet per minute and holding my balance. I've been incoherently muttering sounds to strangers and friends alike as my social skills have rotted into nothing. Yesterday my big toenail that turned all blue and black from an injury just cracked in half and is now falling off. It's like when you're playing Resident Evil and reading the journals of the lab workers written as they slowly transform into festering, flesh-craving zombies, only this time it's myself transforming. Awesome! If you don't here from me in the next few weeks, consider me a worm food.

PS If anyone can recommend any awesome zombie and/or post-apocalyptic movies, books, comics etc. for the winter, please do so!