Tuesday, March 31, 2009

obsessive drumpulsive.

i have been completely infatuated with heavily percussive and strangely melodic sounds lately - the "you're-deep-in-the-woods-and-the-night-is-going-to-steal-your-soul" kind of sound that the liars pulled off really well with "they were wrong so we drowned" and "drum's not dead". mike hilger introduced me to this heat, who were doing some really awesome, way-ahead-of-their-time stuff decades ago. they are all over the place, but the albums "deceit" and "repeat" have got me hooked lately. their recordings are also strangely timeless. without knowing when they were made, it would be hard for me to place them in any time period.

silver apples have also been on the playlist non-stop - similarly heavy on the percussion in combination with sparse pop melodies and oscillators. they must have been a huge influence on caribou / manitoba.

my gal pal showed me tall dwarfs who are pretty rad.

konono no. 1 are a group from the congo region who lay down some awesome traditional african rythms and melodies with an extremely awesome lo-fi / non-traditional approach. the "congotronics" albums are great.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

the possibility of smush/fantasia

Yesterday i was giving a friend a ride in our giant van, which by the way is the least convenient/fun way to get around town.
as i was about to turn right through an intersection i saw a guy on his bike in the crosswalk. i stopped with plenty of time, but we were both a lil shaken by the possibility of smush. he looked me right in the eye and hissed "you f**king b**ch!" (censor in case my mom or sisters read this)
right afterwards i turned the radio on and this piece was playing-
the most epic 'just almost smushed a dude on his bike' piece ever written.
anyway i found this video, which pretty much sums up the feeling of the experience