Friday, April 16, 2010

tallest man on earth tour = best vibes

got a few minutes in a mofe shop, got a few words to say! 2 shows into the tour with the tallest man on earth, and we're all smiles. kristian (sp?) aka the tallest man on earth is as nice as he is talented, and i'm really looking forward to this next month! kristian is already making 99 percent of the girls in the room swoon, blush, and fall apart, and performing the heckoutta real good folk songs.
this rules!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

winter video by hans lo!

Nurses "Winter" from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

as soon as we saw hans lo's work he was instantly one of our collective favorites. we were super stoked to work with him on this, and plan on collaborating on some really exciting things with him in the future.

bad timing/my face got funny

my face got really infected over easter weekend. it was due to a botched root canal i had done a few years ago. apparently it's been infected this whole time, but the bacteria just won the battle and they're running amuck. looting stores, peeing off balconies, swearing at children.
i had to have my tooth pulled and my face is really big and swollen- both from the infection and the tooth being pulled out of my head.
sorry we had to cancel the spokane/minneapolis shows. i'm resting in bed trying to get better so we don't have to cancel anymore in the future.

this is normal me and me with infection- before i went to the dentist. at least it's kind of funny. i'm in good spirits, just can't sing for a couple days. wish me well. hopefully you will see normal me real soon!

the people have spoken, toothpain!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

things we want to do on tour

usually on tour we don't see a lot of the cities we're in. maybe you can show us around. we want to do some of these things-

pool party/watering holes
yoga class
eat good/healthy food. maybe you work at an awesome restaurant?
rad lectures
nba games!
book club meetings?
haunted houses
secret society meetings. (or you can just tell us your secrets.)
local landmarks

anything you think is awesome?