Sunday, June 27, 2010

i like this record

beyond the valley of ultrahits- by richard youngs

i've been into richard youngs for a while, but hadn't heard this record until i found out about it via jagjaguwar rereleasing it.
this is what they say about it:

"Make a proper pop album."

Thus was the simple dare handed to Richard Youngs from his friend Andrew "Paz" Paine during their weekly Sunday meet-up. Ever the modest master, Youngs said in accepting this friendly challenge that he merely endeavored to capture the "beats and hooks" of contemporary pop. He's never attempted to disguise his gift for catchy musical phrases, though they may have come by way of careening, pleading, soothing or challenging multi-tracked voices.

here's the first track off the record

i really like the idea of marrying interesting experimentation with a pop format. i've been in love with arthur russell's record "love is overtaking me" for the last while. from what i gather he took a similar approach musically. started out making experimental pieces and later decided pop and experimentation are not necessarily mutually exclusive. i think most of my artists are people that do this well.

your truly

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

rule photos (maybe not safe for work?)

our friend meg has some awesome photos up on her new photo blog

especially the bodies made of space.

dark oins

Sunday, June 6, 2010


our friend tyler kohlhoff put posted some photos from sasquatch